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Bluegate offers a sophisticated and practical approach to business, with a team of professionals specializing in Accounting, Payroll and Taxes, Real Estate Consultancy, and Strategic, Result Focused Marketing Solutions.

Business Entity Selection and Set up

Do you have a Business Idea or a Business Plan and would like to know your next step?  This is a big decision and there are many options, we are here to guide and assist you in making your vision a reality. 

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Professional Work

Operational Bookkeeping & Custom Solutions

On a Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual basis your business would require a range of Reports, Summaries, and Calculations and these can incur late fees and penalties due to deadlines. We customize packages to suit your needs, Never worry about missing a deadline.

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Payroll Processing

Unsure of the details and calculations needed for Fort-nightly or Monthly payroll? Have you ever considered outsourcing this function? Our Team can provide the solution.

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Taxes: Planning and Preparation

On a Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual basis you and your business have statutory payment and submission requirements. Our Team understands the importance of these requirements and knows they can slip through the cracks. Our Team can provide the solution.  

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Real Estate Planning and Statutory Requirements

Real Estate Planning can be a major challenge. Our strategic alliances have allowed us to create unique solutions for real estate homeowners and developers. This process includes the packaging and preparation of requirements for approval for statutory bodies. E.g. town and country etc.

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